13 January 2008

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Click Of The Week: Taufik Almubarak

A friend recommends Nia to check this blog, he insist that Nia will like the postings. Not to mention that this blog is quite different. This blog belongs to a young Aceh journalist who is currently running a tabloid called SUWA: Taufik Almubarak.

SUWA was established in November last year and focused in politics.

Taufik hopes that SUWA will be an alternative reading for the public in Aceh. Although the tabloid is rather new, writing has been Taufik passion for a long time. He used to have a column in bulletin@boleh.com, he also written articles for Sinar Harapan and Serambi Indonesia.

Nia thinks that his opinion and writing styles are very different from other articles about politic in general. "The story flows as if you're reading a novel, even it's all politics but very catchy and not too heavy. It's more of a story telling which makes me want to know more and more."

Another plus point for his writing is, as an Acehnesse he gives a different insight of what is going on in Aceh. "My favorite posting is: Subuh Berdarah (Bloody Morning). After I read it, I kept on saying, "My God... is this really happening in our country? What kind of childhood are these kids having? How will they live to tell these things? And such an emotional experience they have to go through at such tender age."

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